About UKA-Dream

UKA-Dream mobile phone is a mobile phone brand owned by Shenzhen Xiaoka Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2018, the company has an integrated electronic operation center in Shenzhen. The company has a high-tech enterprise involved in product development, design and production. The company has more than 100 industry elite teams including master's degree, undergraduate and specialties to carry out team work. From product design to terminal sales to overseas markets, the company has three branches in Shenzhen. The industry chain involves the electronic communication industry, small household appliances and the home appliance industry. The overseas has an independent operation center. The company has self-support import and export rights. Most of the products are produced and exported in Shenzhen, and some products are sent to some overseas countries for local assembly and production. They fully cooperate with the national one-on-one policy and fair competition and mutually beneficial cooperation in overseas markets. The UKA mobile phone product positioning is streamlined and introverted, and the local market is produced. The applicability is the first priority. It is not exaggerated, it is not a good example, and it is the concept of intensive internal strength. It has won a world for the Chinese mobile phone industry in overseas markets.
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